POP-UP “The Worlds Smallest Scissor Lift”

The POP-UP replaces the need for ladders and steps for your indoor low level access requirements.

Its ‘smooth roll’ castors allow you to push it into place, through doorways, in elevators and between narrow isles.

The POP-UP is the only scissor lift that will take you and up to 150kgs worth of tools to a working height of 3.6 meters in just 8 seconds!

Easy to Operate, Easy to Charge, The POP-UP will have you working Smarter, Quicker and Safer!

Key features and benefits

  • Immediate low level access - 8 seconds to reach full platform height
  • Safe - designed to be fully stable with a safe workingload of 240 kgs
  • Platform height - fully extended platform height of 1.63 mtrs gives an average working height of 3.63 mtrs
  • Easy to transport - compact size and weight means it fits onto a small flat back vehicle and can be delivered by a single person
  • Easy to manoeuvre - 'smooth roll' castors system fitted means it can be positioned by a single operative
  • Easy to operate - simple hand set controls all elevation/de-elevation functions
  • Training - no formal training required to operate the POP-UP
  • Affordable - very competitively priced (offers good price comparison to other low level access equipment solutions)
  • Battery powered with universal charger
    • low usage and ownership costs
  • Over 300 operations on one battery charge
    • can accommodate heavy 'daily' usage requirements.






Product Specification


POP-UP Scissor Lift has been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with both the European Standard EN280 and the safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.


 Safe working load (SWL) 240 kg
 Equivalent to 1 person + 160 kg tools and materials
 Maximum platform height  1.63 metres
 Maximum working height  3.63 metres
 Platform length  1.01 metres
 Platform width  0.52 metres
 Platform guard rail height  1.10 metres
 Toe board height  0.15 metres
 Toe board height (gate end)  0.10 metres
 Maximum allowable manual force  200 Newtons
 Maximum allowable wind speed  0 metres/sec
 Maximum allowable chassis inclination  0 degrees
Electrical system  
Voltage 12 volt DC
Motor 0.7 kW
Battery 80Ah
Battery charger Automatic multi-voltage
Hydraulic system  
Maximum pressure 250 bar
Reservoir capacity 1 litre
Function speeds (approx.)  
Raise 8 seconds
Lower 8 seconds
Approx number of lifts 300 (fully charged with SWL)
Stowed dimensions  
Overall length 1.135 metres
Overall height 1.636 metres
Overall width 0.700 metres
Overall mass (GVW) 215 kg
 Maximum wheel load 350 kg


Product Image

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